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July 4th 2009 Portsmouth, Virginia Pictures




Teresa, LaVerne, Stacie with Richard and Armeter in rear walking in Downtown Norfolk to Harbor Fest

Teresa, Kenneth, LaVerne, Stacie & Armeter at Norfolk Harbor

Harbor Fest; Lady on stilts dressed as walking vineyard

Wilson and Richard discussing fine art of Fish frying at Goode Residence

 Rachael & Patricia

Careful Stacie, that ground hog moved!

Family having fun playing action card game of "PIT"

Irma, Sinclair and Evelyn

Mark, Teresa kneeling, Rachael, Patricia & Stacie @ Goode Residence

Family walk after great 4th of July meal

Wilson & Melvin enjoying a beautiful 4th under the shade

Mark, Rachael, Patricia, Kenneth & LaVerne

Master chef, fisherman and neighbor of the Goode's showing collection of stuffed animals

Patrick, Mark & Melvin enjoying lake view at Goode Residence

 Janelle taking candid pictures while other relax after 4th meal

Group picture entrance to Harbor Fest